Why Wild Thing™?

The Wild Thing™ Bb Trumpet

Wild Thing™ Bb Trumpet
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With over 45 years of playing experience, Flip Oakes has designed a trumpet that surpasses all others. All Flip Oakes “C” trumpets and Flip Oakes Wild Thing Bb trumpets are made to enhance the sound and style you, the player choose to express. Each Wild Thing Trumpet, Cornet, and Flugelhorn is intricately set up by Flip Oakes personally, to ensure accuracy and the best in consistency and quality.

Among many other qualities, each Wild Thing instrument provides:

  • Extraordinarily open and free blowing
  • The fastest response found in any horn
  • Strong slotting
  • Unsurpassed carrying power
  • Incredible ease of flexibility and movement
  • Superb intonation

When you play any Flip Oakes Wild Thing instrument, you will immediately hear and feel the difference.

As you play higher and higher, these unique trumpets actually open up! With ease, you can produce a sound that is open and dark with a huge core while playing with a symphonic mouthpiece. Yet, it can also produce and extremely bright and vibrant “lead sound” when played with a lead player’s set up, and the sound continues to retain its shape.

The difference in these Flip Oakes Wild thing instruments can be seen, felt, and heard by all.

Players of all different musical styles playing situations are now enthusiastically playing the Flip Oakes Bb Wild Thing, and Flip Oakes “C” Trumpets.