Frank Glasson

Comments On The Flip Oakes “C” Trumpet.

I’ve been playing both Bb and C trumpets most of my professional career. I’ve also owned and played everything from Monette, Yamaha /Malone, Bach/Malone. In the last few years my choice has been stock Bach while playing Principal Trumpet with the State Theater Orchestra and the Cape Town Symphony Orchestra in South Africa.

Also in playing in brass quintets and recitals I’ve found that the Bach 229/25H has given the most constant results. Like everyone else, I seek to find a “C” trumpet which plays in tune with a good sound, while having an even scale, but most of all a horn that doesn’t get in the way of my performance by closing off in the upper register and being smooth and fluid.

I am currently freelancing in the San Diego Area, playing everything from orchestras and brass quintets to shows and big bands, in the section and as a soloist. Recently I tried a very interesting “C” Trumpet made by a man in Oceanside, Ca. by the name of Flip Oakes.

Since returning from South Africa, I have heard many trumpet players talking about what great results they were getting from Flip’s Bb Trumpet. Being mainly a “C” Trumpet player myself, I was very interested in trying Flip’s new C trumpet so I made an appointment with Flip to try the horn, and to my disbelief found his horn to have the same quality of sound as my Bach, just more of it. What really amazed me about the horn, was that it was half the effort, and twice the sound! I could also play passages with ease that would otherwise have challenged the best of me. I played the horn for several different Trumpet Players who’s opinions I trust, and they all agreed that I sounded better all around and the intonation was far better than the Bach.

So, in conclusion, I now happily own a Flip Oakes “C” Trumpet. I’m also waiting for a Flip Oakes “Wild Thing Bb Trumpet”.

Thank you Flip very much for all your help and patience, but most of all for designing such Incredible Instruments, to make my job easier, and more enjoyable.


Frank Glasson
Professional Classical & Jazz Trumpet Player and Teacher
San Diego, CA.

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