Steve McGraw

Hi Flip;

I promised to write you about my opinion of the flugelhorn I bought from you:

Let me tell you what I was looking for first.

  1. A horn that came close to the mellow tone of my ’50’s OLDS.
  2. Modern valves that the old OLDS just does not have.

So, I wanted Valve action as good as my Kanstul Kustom (KK) and Tone like my OLDS.

At first my tone was not great, but was good on the WT. After a month I am much more satisfied with this horn.
This is the closest horn I have ever played in my 40 years to what I was looking for. The valves are sweet (short stroke) and the tone is so Mellow. My wife is my best critic . She has always agreed with me in that I wanted a horn that played as mellow (sweet) as the OLDS. I think I have finally found this combination and that combination is the WT flugelhorn.

I am a poor musician and could not afford the GOLD horn, but as for the brass finish, BUY IT! I am sold on this horn.
Oh by the way. I sold the KK.

Play well or silently;
Steve McGraw
Dir- Revelation Brass Quintet
Dir- Adaptones ( Jazz Quint)

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