Travis Wilson

In Sept of 2005 (9 months before writing this) I bought a Wild Thing Bflat Trumpet from Flip Oakes. I had played two of them before I bought mine, and liked them more then any other horn I played. But still, as a “comeback player”, a professional in another field, not music, I was concerned that maybe there was something I was missing. Others talked about needing more resistance, or suggested problems that might come up with such a “large free blowing horn”. They suggested especially potential problems with range and endurance.

Well 9 months later, I play longer and higher then I ever had before buying this horn (including that time in which playing the trumpet was intended to be my life’s work. I was one of those All State high school players and attended college on a trumpet scholarship) . I have never, not one time, felt a problem with my Wild Thing. It blows easier in the upper register then any horn I have tried, and my endurance has only grown. There is never a sense of this being a hard horn to play because it is “large”. Rather the sense is that it is easier to play. I have not regretted for one moment getting my Wild Thing, and in fact I am becoming a bit in love with flugelhorns, and if that love lasts more then a few months, I will put in an order for my Wild Thing Flugel.

Aside from the quality of the horn, just doing business with Flip is great. You really do feel like part of the “Wild Thing Family” and not just a number on an invoice. Flip has gone way out of his way for me in several ways, and has shown a continuing interest in my music, and has to this day still not met me. I recommend both Flip and his trumpets
without reservation.

Travis Wilson
Houston, Texas

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