Roger Lane

Subject: Total satisfaction with WT

Dear Flip,

Just a note of appreciation here for the fine silver WT trumpet I am now enjoying. I have had this horn now for over 4 weeks, and every good thing said about it in the web site testimonials section is true. This is the best Bb trumpet I have ever owned. Playing it is a very different experience, and on it I can play with confidence things I would approach with great trepidation on my previous horns.

I don’t have to fear to find out what kind of mood this horn is in, nor do I have to beat it into submission. The horn opens up and invites me to play it, it leads instead of having to be followed, and indeed does open up the higher it goes.

My practice time is more productive and enjoyable, and any performing I do is more confident and listenable. I’m not savvy enough to know the difference between the core and the shape of its sound, I only know it sounds the way I want to sound and the tone is superb, rich and vibrant.

The #1 tuning slide is working out the best. I am deeply grateful for the chance to own this horn and for the personal attention you put into every horn you sell. All the best to you, and thank you for your help.
Roger Lane

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