Gary Pack

Former soloist w/Stan Kenton, Woody Herman, Don Ellis and others Former Director of Jazz Studies, University of Southern Maine

This is an unsolicited, unpaid endorsement of the “Wild Thing” trumpet, Designed by Flip Oakes and manufactured by Kanstul Musical Instruments. For most of my professional and academic career, I have had a very definite idea of what it should feel like to play the trumpet and what the sound should be like. In the course of searching for the ideal instrument, I’ve tried almost every kind of trumpet, new and old.

I never found that ideal instrument until I tried a Flip Oakes’ “Wild Thing” trumpet. I have played this phenomenal horn in many varied situations, including “jingles,” movie sound tracks, jazz gigs, and even recordings with world class “classical” organizations. The reaction of those around me has always been extremely enthusiastic.

When I allow the trumpet players to play the instrument themselves, they are amazed by the fluid response, the effortless tone production, the absolute minimum of resistance, etc., etc. I might suggest that the Wild Thing is so revolutionary, so different from anything that one might call a trumpet, that there should be a new classification system for the Wild Thing and the other remarkable instruments that Flip has been creating.


Gary Pack

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