Clint ‘Pops’ McLaughlin

‘Pops’ wrote:

Flip’s Demo horn was tied up and I just got it last Thursday. I had promised to give my impression of this horn several months ago. Here is a short review of The Wild Thing Trumpet.

“Damn !!!”

It plays so much better than any other make I’ve ever played that I now consider those horns to be HS level horns.

Here is why.

The bell is different at the throat and it has almost NO bell flare. A long conical tapered bell. That design element shifts the nodal points toward the mouthpiece and enables the horn to SLOT higher notes than any other trumpet made. Including $20,000 Monettes. Some horns stop around high A others go to Bb , B and a very few make it to double c. This horn SLOTS double E’s.

I played some low, fast, old jazz tunes and was impressed with the quick clean response from low F3 to low C. Some horns are a little stuffy here. The WT sings in the lower register.

The horn plays very mellow but when air is added it can clearly cut through the band. That makes it great for jazz chair or lead.

I played some Clarke pieces on it to check the flexibility. I was able to play 40 beats a minute faster than I could on a Callet, Calicchio or Benge. I mean clearly with clean, crisp attacks and slotted fleshed out notes

I played the Haydn and Hummel concertos on it. After changing to the #2 slide (included with every horn) I was able to play those with a full dark sound and a light bassoon like touch on the triplet arpeggios.

The WT is the ONLY horn I’ve played that I couldn’t out perform.

In a word my description is ….. I’ll say it again…

“Damn !!!”

You owe it to yourself to try one of these Wild Thing Trumpets.

I don’t put my endorsement out often. When I do, I mean it.

If you are in the Dallas / Ft. Worth / Denton area come over and try out mine.


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