Mark Brannon

I just wanted to touch base with you regarding my Wild Thing trumpet and a previous email I sent you. I mentioned a little over a month ago some concern because I could not seem to get the High A working. You gave me a few things to try. I did have my mouthpiece looked at to make sure the end was perfectly round, but I didn’t do a lot else because I just haven’t had time.

Anyway to make a long story short, I have really been settling in on how the horn plays. Now the A is all good and no alternate fingerings are necessary and no horn/mouthpiece adjustments seem to be necessary either.

Thanks for making a GREAT horn. My favorite thing is the great big sound down low when you are playing nice and easy and then you rip up two octaves­ the sound just pours out. Other horns that played so sweet down low would always stop-up right about at a High C. The Wild Things wants to keep going!!

Thank you for your hard work and persistence.

Mark Brannon
Memphis, TN

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