2000 ITG Conference

It was at the 2000 ITG Conference in Purchase, New York, when I first played the “Wild Thing” Trumpet, my curiosity was definitely up due to the unusual name of the horn.

After play testing the horn, I felt that this was the horn I had been looking for.

The Wild Thing went back to Florida with me and I never looked back.

The first thing you notice is the distinctive look of the horn. It has a large open wrap with an open throat and wide 5” bell and a .470 bore, the fit of the slides and valves are perfect, no break- in needed, also Flip Oakes spends a considerable amount of time digitally aligning the valves and removing any solder that is sometimes present inside the horn during the manufacturing process, the valves also have brass guides.

The Wild Thing is extraordinarily open and free blowing with The “Big Fat” sound that is needed when playing lead or soloing in a Powerful Big Band. The horn slots accurately from the bottom to beyond double high “C” with superb intonation all the way, and it has the fastest response of any horn that I have ever played.

I have recorded 3 CDs with the “Wild Thing” and can attest to the fact the recording quality is the best, and the sound really gets on the tape.

Another great feature of the “Wild Thing” is you can tailor make the horn to the work you are doing. Flip offers 8 different tuning slides that change the blow and feel of the horn, 4 standard slides and 4 of the new J slides which give a more flexible blow for the Jazz Soloist. Check out Flip Oakes Webb site www.flipoakes.com for the numbering system for the slides.

The “Wild Thing” Flugel Horn has a .415 bore with a 6” bell and 3 armado water keys, all reachable with the left hand, and the third slide trigger is operated with the left hand.

The Flugel has a Full, Rich, Dark, Smokey sound with fast bottom sprung valves, and the mouthpiece receiver is the “French taper”.

I found the blow to be open and even and the intonation superb.

I can say without hesitation they are the finest and most versatile horns on the market today.

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