Bruce Bock

I got my Wild Thing and took it to a practice without having played it first. From the first note it responded exactly like I imagined. I didn’t have any trouble with it not sounding like a trumpet. The tone was excellent and the ease of playing astounding.

It took very little effort to play this horn. That may be the only thing I’ll have to work on. Not pushing like on other horns. I play in a very large church and on Sunday gave the horn it’s real test. I had a solo in a song and heard from friends that in the back they heard it with no trouble even though I wasn’t pushing very hard.

The horn just fills up every corner. I definitely won’t need a microphone to be heard. I’m going to try out the number 1 slide and see how that does now. I know the number 2 works just fine.

Thanks Flip for such a huge contribution to the trumpet community.

Bruce Bock

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