Mack Horton

Dear Flip,

Just a short note to add to those of your growing list of admirers. I’ve been playing your silver-plated Bb trumpet for a month now with the third-largest slide (#3) and can’t say enough good about it. The adjustment time from my previous horn, a medium-large bore late 1960’s King Silver Flair, was very short, particularly since my old mouthpiece continues to work the best of the several others I experimented with my Wild Thing. I expected a mouthpiece with a tighter backbore would be necessary to compensate for the Wild Thing’s larger bore, but this was not the case.

The response is just phenomenal, and the tone quality and dynamics almost infinite manipulability, from nearly inaudible to a sound a colleague in one band called “as big as a house.” I can sound like a flugelhorn or like my old Flair, as I choose. The slotting in the upper register is so much more accurate than any horn I’ve tried.

I played lead last night at a recording session for a promotion CD of big band dance standards, and it made the job so much easier. The night before, I played a four-hour big band gig, and the bigger bore of the Wild Thing made no more demands on my endurance than my old horn. In fact, it was easier, because of the greater accuracy in the upper register.

But the most important thing is that it’s simply so much fun to play. I came home from the recording session and had to take the horn out again and just blow–it just seems to invite the air. Many thanks for your invention!

Mack Horton

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