David R. Long – Trumpet & Cornet

Flip’s original Webmaster

I’ve been privileged to not only own Flip’s WT Gold Trumpet and serve him as his webmaster, but am very proud to have Flip and his wife Joyce as personal friends.

Although I have played for many years ‘sitting in’ with many pro bands around San Diego I still consider myself an amateur player but lately I’ve starting to play professionally and owe it all to my owning a WT Trumpet.

I have struggled for many years to play well and gain control of my old Conn Director that I played since high school, and then owned and played a French Besson which was a great improvement over the Conn, but when I was given the opportunity to try Flip’s WT Trumpet it was absolutely amazing the difference that it made in my playing. It was as if I had jumped to a higher plateau of playing ability. All of a sudden I was no longer struggling with centering or knowing that when I attempted to play a note it was just there with almost no effort. The control and confidence that this horn gave me was instantly recognized and made all the difference in the world with my playing.

I am also a proud owner of one of Flip’s Cornet’s and love it. I never played Cornet much but I have to say it is now one of my favorite instruments to play in small Jazz venues when soft, and warm ballads are the most enjoyable on the Cornet.

Yes, I’m Flip’s friend and Webmaster but after all of these years of posting everyone else’s testimonials I thought it was about time I posted my thoughts and admiration for Flip and his talents in creating the most beautiful sounding horn in the world…

We are all benefactors of Flips gift to the trumpet players of the world for his MASTERPIECE!.

David R Long

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