Rainer Müller-Rensing

Dear Flip,

My Wild Thing trumpet has arrived today. I immediately felt familiar with this trumpet. The wild thing is the right thing for me. With my Monette B2 mouthpiece it has a big, brilliant, full gorgeous sound. In the past I’ve had very good trumpets from Selmer, Bach, Suchlike, Benge, Courtois, Yamaha and a very good golden Ganterr with rotary valves. This Wild Thing trumpet is unbelievable perfect. This trumpets voice is so unique and rich that you can only compare it with the human voice not even with old string instruments. That Wild thing gives me the possibility to produce the sound I have always dreamt of.

Thank you so much flip for creating and sending a trumpeters heaven all kind regards yours sincerely,

Rainer Müller-Rensing

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