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“The “Wild Thing” name on the horn does not do the instrument justice. The “wild” is the rave reviews the horn gets not only from the players but from the audience as well, and this horn is truly is a “thing” of beauty.

I’ve known Flip Oakes for twenty years. He is not only a fine player on every instrument he plays, but he also has the reputation of being a great repair technician. The “WILD THING” is a product not only from a great player but from a man who has done his research. He is often called upon as a design consultant for professional instrument makers, so you can believe that when he made his own horns, all of his experience went in to making the finest trumpets on the market today. This horn does it all! It has a very true scale from the very lows to the extreme highs. For me the most impressive thing about the horn is the beauty of its full rich sound matched with its playing ease.

Go ahead and play the horn, and then you’ll be the WILD THING….”

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