Ed Kennedy – Celebration

Dear Flip,

I’ve promised you a few words about my new Celebration (trumpet). Sorry for the delay.

About a year ago I briefly tried a WT that was for sale and I felt like I was falling into it, not for me. I started reading the buzz on the Celebration (Pops, Tom Turner and others) and put it on my list of horns to try. I came into some money recently and decided that with your trial policy I had nothing to lose. I knew within a couple of days of receiving it that I wanted to keep it. I briefly tried the #2 slide but quickly settled on the #1. My wife, a professional cellist, agreed with that choice.

Ive played many different trumpets over the years including Bach, Benge, Calicchio and Getzen. The Celebration has the best qualities of all of them. Response and like a Calicchio (1S7) or Benge (5X), core like a good Bach (72*) and the brilliance of my old Getzen Severinson. The slotting and intonation exceed all the others. I thought the horn was flat in the upper register until I put a tuner on it and discovered that I was accustomed to hearing things sharp up there. In the G to G range above the staff it was dead on. The Celebration is also a very versatile instrument. With my Curry BC I could play 3rd trumpet on Ein Heldenleben and with a medium or shallow cup I get a classic lead sound.

I couldn’t be happier.

Yours truly,

Ed Kennedy
Tampa, FL

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