Russ Tell

Hi Flip,
Just a note to tell you that I am keeping the “Wild Thing”.

It has been quite an interesting trial. I am by all means not a pro player, so the horn change kind of threw me for a loop for the first day. It took a few of hours to figure out a minor embouchure change and begin to “turn on the heat” with the horn, but after I did, what a sound!

I can make the sound go from flugel to laser in the same breath. Intervals that on my Yamaha always seemed a little awkward, were right where they belong on the Wild Thing. My rips and half valve never sounded better. It just seems like the notes connect better. The dynamics are very nice. Whispering is no problem with this horn. You have also added about 4 steps to my pedal range. The valve action is excellent. Smooth and Quiet. The best of any of the new horns I have owned.

Alas, the only real drawback of the Wild Thing is the fact that none of my mutes fit the bell flare so I’ll just have them recorked so I can hear the effect.

I want to thank you for making your design available and also for the warm and friendly manner in which our conversation took place.

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