Rich Steele

Charlotte, VT

Hello Flip,

I would be very pleased to have my comments added to your testimonial page. I love my cornet more and more each day, and will promote your products with enthusiasm to everyone I meet. In my mind there is an interesting comparison to be made with the WT Cornet.

Each year in my area there is held a meeting of the Northeast Street Rodder’s Association. Hundreds of these fabulous automotive creations can be seen ruling the roads. Like these vehicles, the WT Cornet combines the highly nostalgic with high tech all woven together by the designer’s flair and genius.

The WT Cornet handles beautifully, has all kinds of power, and is the center of attention. All this is rolled into a metal sculpture that must not be parked just for display, but put into motion. Even after trying to imagine how great a horn can be made, I am stunned by the beauty of this cornet!

I have always been a player who has placed a “Big Rich Sound” at the top of the priority list, and the “Wild Thing” delivers richness like maple syrup, but twice as sweet! The only thing I’m missing now is a “Wild Thing” trumpet to go along with it, so I’ll now start saving for one.

Thank You Flip, My New Friend….

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