Mike Wittkopp

This is day 3 with the silver WT. Plainly stated: It is Awesome!

I just can not quit playing it. At our big band rehearsal last night, my range, power, intonation, and endurance were much improved. As an example, we were working on the end of song where I gliss from Bb below high C to F above high C and hold for 8 counts or more.

Typically, I do not perform beyond G above high C. After the second time through with a long hold on F, I lifted up to Bb above high C. Just to confirm it was not a fluke, we repeated the ending and I played the Bb above high C even stronger! This was the first song of the night and I jump right to the #1 slide to experience the true “Wild Thing”. Midway through the rehearsal, we were playing a powerful rendition of “Swing Low”. It is a new number for us, but I had such confidence last night. I inserted all the lip-trills and turns I normally would after spending some time in the “woodshed”. Also, there were a few long high C’s I decided to push the volume on. The horn held right on pitch! What a blessing that is. Makes the player’s job so much easier.

At the end of the 3 hour rehearsal, I realized that we practiced all charts that I have lead on. Typically, if a chart has upper range work on lead, I get that. Others, we split between a couple of players. Shares the fun and saves my chops on long gigs. The interesting things was, I was not tired and my chops were pretty fresh. So on the end of the last piece, I took a run up an octave and B above high C rang out beautifully. This is early in the season.

I can not wait until I get my performance legs and really put the horn to the test. As a lead player, this horn is great. The projection is easily heard out front. Also, the bell design allows for the sound to be heard in the section. My other lead horn could not be heard down the row. Also, I found the more I backed off, the easier the upper range was. Now I feel I can use more of my “practice range” as part of my “performance range”, since the WT has those notes in the double register “on the horn”. Much less effort than most other horns which do not.

Also, I took the horn to my trusted repairman for him to look it over. When I got back, he went on-and-on about how well built the horn was. And, how big the sound was. Flip, from a player’s and repairman’s perspective, this horn is a winner!


Mike Wittkopp
Lead Trumpet www.bigbandofpraise.com

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