Nicholas R. Eads

Baltimore, MD

“Flip, I promised I would sign your Guestbook and tell people my opinion of your horn, so here it is… I looked at every horn that I could find to replace my old large bore horn and never found anything that remotely approached it UNTIL I FOUND YOUR HORN. Quite simply, YOURS IS THE EASIEST SPEAKING, MOST FREE-BLOWING AND RICH SOUNDING TRUMPET I HAVE EVER PLAYED. No more feeling like I’ve got a sock stuffed in the end like all of the high-end “professional” models I have tried. I am as excited as I have ever been because I am playing on an instrument that allows me great flexibility (thanks to the two tuning slides) as well as better intonation and center. Your willingness to discuss this trumpet and all my other concerns has been remarkable, and your honesty and sincerity is greatly appreciated by my wife and I. I am proud to be an owner of a Flip Oakes “Wild Thing.” THANKS! ”

Your (new) friend, Nick Eads

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