Jay Dusard

In October, 2005, I sat in with the Dixieland band that was playing for the reception of my photo exhibit at a Scottsdale gallery. The cornet player offered a horn swap for a few tunes. I recognized the short model Wild Thing he was handing me, while I handed him my large bore Getzen Eterna. I was familiar with Flip’s website and had heard a good review of the horn from a buddy in the Cornet Conspiracy. Playing on the WT was a revelation; I had never played with such ease and fluency. I knew on the spot that I HAD to own one of these fabulous-sounding babies.

I’m a serious amateur player, certainly not in the league with most of Flip’s WT endorsers. I had the jazz chair in a big band trumpet section for several years before motor fuel prices and lack of car- poolers forced me to quit making 100-mile round trips to town for rehearsals and gigs. My only moment in the limelight was as guest soloist with the Jack Daniel’s Original Silver Cornet Band a few years ago in Sierra Vista. If they come back, they’ll find this WT owner better armed and more dangerous. I’m afraid my Bessons and the Eterna are in the closet to stay.

I’m in a jazz trio that plays sporadically in Bisbee. The warm, juicy sound of my stubby little WT seems to really please my bandmates and our patrons. It damn sure pleases me! As a visual artist, I’m so in love with the form and lines of Flip’s creation. In fact, this joy- forever should be reproduced thirty feet high and placed, bell down, in the center of the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan.

Jay Dusard
Photographer, author, cowpuncher
Cochise County, Arizona

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