Steve Magas

Steve Magas

Hi Flip,

Hello from Ohio! I bought a B Flat WT which had apparently been stripped of its lacquer at some point. I have had a chance to play it a bit and, while far from a pro player, I can concur with the thoughts of virtually every other WT owner… it’s a fabulous horn… it has a wonderful sound.. it projects, it blends, it soars through the upper register but in a way that maintains the dignity of the sound and NEVER in a tinny, squeaky manner. I’m still learning how to handle this horn and I’m having a blast playing everything from Haydn to jazz, blues, funk, ska and, tonight, a return to my college days to play with the kids in the PEP Band for the University of Cincinnati! One WT horn, my Monette BL mouthpiece and everything is put away! It’s great!

I’m not sure how the raw brass effects the sound, but I would presume it ‘mellows’ it out a bit? It has a wonderful sound, especially in the very lowest ends of the register. I find myself, especially in small jazz settings, using those low low notes a lot more b/c the tone is so good.

So, add me to the list of satisfied WT owners! I’m putting my Calicchio on the block!


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