Robert “Chaz” Wroblewski

Hi Flip,

I have owed you this e-mail since March 2002. First of all, it was a pleasure e-mailing, speaking and doing business with you. You responded promptly and thoroughly to a long list of questions and concerns I had in my search for the ultimate AND most flexible horn…and I certainly have found it.

To be busy in Buffalo means you play everything… all styles… and teach, and probably have a day job. I do all of this and then some. I sent you a long list of questions a year or so ago about the Wild Thing about tone quality, range/openness, slotting in upper register, core, responsiveness, blending with Strads in small legit ensembles etc.

You confidently answered “Yes” to all via e-mailed and cordially followed up with a phone call. I had some initial doubts that all of this was possible…then a student of mine got a WT.

I was blown away immediately and your claims were ALL TRUE.

A little while (for saving money) later, & one more conversation with you which led to my deciding on the gold model & I am very happy, have never sounded better and I’ve never looked back. For the first time in my 33 year career I’m not looking for the ultimate horn anymore…I have it. It is everything: sweet, wild, cutting, blending, IN TUNE, a chameleon, I could go on. I no longer need a good, old Strad and a lead horn (had many) that I’m not entirely satisfied with…..just my WT & an occasional switch of a slide. It is wild and it is alive. I just can’t say enough. I AM an educated consumer and could start spouting technical stuff, but others have done so very eloquently.

Whoever reads this, just believe my sincere passion about music and the instrument and feel free to contact me. I back up what I say with my playing…and my playing has never been better…and now continues to get better. A ceiling has been removed and some of the notes that this thing will SLOT can only be heard by dogs (OK I’m getting a little carried away).

A few brief points:

  1. The gold is GREAT…not just pretty & not having to be polished….the sound is so much more rich…NOT “muffled” like some other gold rigs.
  2. I WAS happy with my expensive/heavy lead mouthpiece for a few years…it did not get along with the WT…especially in the lower register: Many thanks to Bryan @ GR Technologies for taking a lot of time working with me & getting me dialed in on a new piece…which I eventually re-ordered in gold. Unbelievably even blow through the horn and mouthpiece through all registers.
  3. Got the heavy caps…didn’t need them, don’t really use them, but they are interesting to fool around with….and why not get some toys this far into it.

I use the #1 slide mostly..#2 in some legit situations and that’s it. I own a #3 and may try a #4 some time, but I agree with you Flip: #1 IS the horn and there’s nothing else on the planet like it.

Thanks again for everything and feel free to use my comments any way, anywhere, anytime.

Robert “Chaz” Wroblewski
Buffalo, NY

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