Paul Christian Hess

Thought I’d take a moment and share my experience with my new Wild Thing Bb trumpet.

I just took delivery of one of the finest sounding trumpets I have ever played. My previous Bb equipment list included: Bach 37, Benge 3X (UMI), Callet Jazz, Monette STC1, and a Schilke S32L. None of which (in my opinion) made as great an impact on the quality of my sound as does my new horn. While my old Bb’s were great, my new one is outstanding. There is no turning back.

I am impressed with the capability of this horn to go from sweet and intimate to bold and authoritative without sacrificing tonal character or intonation. I am also very pleased with the consistent results I am getting in articulation and timbre. This trumpet possesses evenness throughout the registers that is a true departure from any of the other horns I have tried. I truly enjoy the minimal effort needed to make this horn “speak.”

The lower register sounds “liquid” as notes transition from one to another and the upper register lacks the resistance that seemed to create “tension” in my sound. Quiet, delicate playing seems to retain core and presence in each tone no matter how soft I play. As a result, my playing possesses more richness and resonance that translates to greater definition and confidence. This trumpet gives the player great many choices in how each note is presented to the listener.

I am finding that this horn demands a different approach in playing and therefore requires a bit of an acclamation period. Every indication is that the result will be well worth the additional time and effort. It is amazing to me that one horn can change “personalities” so dramatically based upon only slight changes in the amount of air used. Edges of notes can go from crisp and tight to broad and diffuse with minimal effort.

The quality of construction is beyond reproach and clearly displays pride in design and fabrication. The valves and slides are smooth and quick. The “fit and finish” is truly professional.

It is refreshing to have dealt with such a fine company and such a fine individual. I would encourage players to find an opportunity to try one of these wonderful horns.

Thank you Flip, for your professionalism, honesty and your contribution to art of trumpet engineering known as the “Wild Thing.”

Paul Christian Hess

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