Gerald A. Hoffman

Tucson, Arizona

I have recently purchased a new FLIP OAKES WILD THING CORNET. I have never met Flip, I do
not know Flip, I do not work for Flip, I get no compensation from Flip. I have only dealt with him by telephone during the purchase of this cornet.

I went from an Antoine Courtois to a WILD THING. I have tried most of the other popular horns, and the openness, free blowing, rich “cornet” tone, and intonation of this horn is the best I have found. In my opinion it was worth the premium price to get a superior instrument. It appears to be built with much special care, and Flip, the creator, is very available for advice and any help needed. I “bothered” him several times with questions, special requests, and slight modifications. In every instance, he was very accommodating and willing to do whatever was necessary to make this my “perfect” horn. When he said he would do something, he did it! I am playing it in a British Brass, German, and Civil War band, and am able to style and blend my playing into whatever mode is required. I am also going to use it in the big band I play in for solos on slow ballads to get that almost flugel sound. My trumpet is a B6 Schilke. If it wouldn’t threaten the stability of my home life, I would be tempted to try out the WILD THING trumpet. Maybe that day will come! Jerry Hoffman Tucson, Arizona (Yes, but it’s a dry heat).

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