David C. Bass

IT’S HERE!!!! WOW….what a horn! I love it…

I know…give it some time but it could only get better. Everything is so open…. like nothing I have
ever played! From low to high all the notes are there, although the slots are in a little different place than my other horn was, it is so free. Lean on it a little and it will light up. (:’) I am able to play a G over high C at P or softer…very easy to control! It is also very easy to double and triple tongue from High C to low F#. The sound is huge, but will narrow down with a little more air. I will put on a tuner later and see what I have been missing. The valves are to die for…fast and smooth. I thought my other horn, a French Besson Brevette was it but now it is gone. I have played many horns…all the big guns but the WT wins hands down. My horn hunting is over! The leather case is also very nice.

Thanks Flip… you da’man!
David C. Bass
“Trumpets…….Play it Loud”

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