Erik E. Pointer


I got the horn today and it was everything all the testimonials said it would be. After I played for a while, it seems I need to add another adjective, or emphatic point to the descriptions, but the English language doesn’t cover it.

This trumpet is simply the best engineered and most beautiful sounding instrument I have ever played. ( I’m looking forward to day #2!). After playing and owning Kings, Holtons, Benge, Bachs (3), Getzen, French Besson and Selmer, I think I have found the horn that I obviously have been looking and listening for, my entire professional career.

Thanks for a truly incredible trumpet!!!!! (Note…the 1.5 C Oakes Mouthpiece is great, also. It sure makes the “W.T.” sizzle.!)

UPDATE: 03/06/2005

“I used my ‘Wild Thing’ trumpet on my new CD release, “…Better late, than Never…” and it worked like a dream.
Regardless of whether I muted it or not, the scales were even, the sound was full, everything spoke, and the horn just plain
delivered. I have had my horn for a few years, and it still is the most incredible trumpet I have ever owned or played.”

“Thanks again for a wonderful product.”


E.E. Pointer

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