Don Herman, Jr.

Monument, Co.

I’ve had my Wild Thing trumpet a month, and it just gets better. I played my Bach Strad to see how it compares; it doesn’t. The WT is more open, with way more projection and much cleaner sound. I played pro years ago — my Bach had a gorgeous midrange, but strained highs and weak lows.

I tried Schilkes, Getzens and others; some were better in some ways, but none quite right. After a ten-year layoff, I decided to look again. I talked to players and makers, read TPIN, and finally sent Flip a note. He called, and we discussed philosophy for an hour. It was uncanny how his experience paralleled mine, though he is a pro and I am a recovering amateur. What I found lacking, and the sound I wanted, were what Flip built! When asked how to break in my new horn, Flip responded “just add air!” Even so, my first few minutes were rough. But, without really knowing what I did, a bit later my (pianist) wife said it was deeper and cleaner than my Bach. Numerous other musicians/audiences have praised the sound. I didn’t magically gain range or endurance, but the WT makes what I’ve got sound GREAT!! I had two minor problems.

Flip fixed a slightly misaligned slide, and Walt Johnson had a run of bad cases. Flip called Walt and I got a new case with a nice note from Walt – no questions asked! Flip takes any flaws very personally, and kept in touch frequently during my trial. After a last gig with my Bach, I went back to the Wild Thing, and it’s taps for the Bach. The difference is obvious to me and everyone else. The Wild Thing is gorgeous throughout my range, and I can shift instantly from hymns to jazz to wedding dances. It’s a terrific horn, Flip’s a great guy, and our pride in the horn and its sound have made “Wild” Don a very happy owner!

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