Bob Shanahan

“Sorry about the long time interval before telling you how much I have enjoyed my new Wild Thing, but wanted to be certain that it was as good as I thought, and not just the novelty of the horn.

I have used the #1 tuning slide exclusively, with a Bach 1C mouthpiece. I have played a half dozen engagements, and the horn is everything you say it is. Fellow musicians noticed the difference immediately.

In comparison to my old horn, the D in the staff and the A above the staff are in tune. I no longer have to expend great effort in order to lip these notes into tune or use alternate fingerings. High notes slot easily, and the tone in the low register is really great.

True, the horn is expensive, but amortized over the life of an instrument, it’s really quite reasonable, and is well worth price if only to reduce the aggravation caused by struggling with a lesser instrument.”

Many thanks,

Bob Shanahan

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