Bob Michalski

Cinnaminson, NJ
Dixieland Cornet
SpeakEasy 6

Hi Flip,

After over a week of intense playing and testing , here’s my reaction to the WT cornet.

Unlike most all of your other testimonials, I’m not a professional musician but have played Dixieland for over 30 years as my main interest outside of my job. I have played virtually every cornet on the market today, including a large selection of the antique horns I had overhauled. Until I received the Wild thing, my turn of the century Lyon and Healy was my best horn in terms of tone and blowing qualities. I also like my 1969 Benge 8Z, but it’s getting old and so I searched for a good replacement.

All the modern horns I tried did not blow as open or free as I prefer, especially the British horns. Other horns like the Bach 184 look good and blow nice but don’t have that traditional dark cornet tone. The Getzen Eterna does a good job, but I’m a stickler for the traditional Courtois design and so I turned to your WT. Upon arrival, I took your 5 mouthpiece and blew a few phrases with it on my Lyon and Healy, and was very pleased with the fit and ease of playing in the higher register without effort, because I play a shallower mouthpiece for endurance. It also gave my L&H a darker tone. I then put the 5 mpc into the WT and blew the same phrase – I hate to copy another person’s testimonial comment but the word – Damn! came out of me, also !.

I should first mention that my wife had heard me play the same phrases a short time ago on my Benge, Eterna, JW Pepper and Lyon and Healy and voted for the Lyon and Healy as to best tone and general audience reaction.

So it only made sense to get her reaction between my L&H and the WT. There was no comparison. Like me she was immediately impressed with the mellow tone and chose the WT over the L&H without knowing what horn she was picking. From the player’s viewpoint, I couldn’t believe how easily I went all over the scale to high C without effort, despite the deeper cup mpc. I had intended to keep using my old mpc with the WT but now there was no reason to. Your 5 fit me very well and gave me as much endurance or more than I had before. I don’t understand how, but I I think your mpc is just a perfect fit for the WT and they belong together.

I can’t speak to all those technical things your other professional testimonials refer to. I just know I have greater endurance, range, free open blowing with hardly any resistance, a great tone, ability to hit the notes I want and the sound of a true turn of the century horn with modern engineering.

There is no equal.

In closing, I also want to thank you for your kind attention to my many questions, prompt delivery and inclusion of the 5 mpc. I wish you continued success.

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