Another Wild Thing Enhancement modification!

Wild Thing Trumpet and Cornet Customers purchased prior to April 22, 1999 should consider this modification.


I’ve had some special tools made, that just arrived late last week. They fit up inside in certain areas and remove any unseen solder or uneven fittings that aren’t of the original design. This process removes a very small amount of any unwanted material and makes dramatic improvement in the playing of the horn in every way. Even though I’ve done my best in seeing these instruments have been made with exact precision and care. Reality is there aren’t exactly two of anything made alike, regardless of what it is , or who’s doing it.

In beginning my personal quest on improving instruments, since 1972 I’ve always changed or experimented with my personal instruments first, and I’ve been the Tester. ” This New Process ” has made a very big difference on all my personal Flip Oakes “Wild Thing Trumpets and Cornet” that I was 100% satisfied with anyway. My Personal, and Business Ethics are that, “I’ve always wanted to offer The Best Product Possible. Its my opinion this just makes them even better in every way. There is however no way to undo this process. 100% of all shipments from this day forward will have this process done.

Any of my customers wanting to send their Flip Oakes “Wild Thing Trumpets or Cornets” back to me, and pay for the shipping both ways,……..I’ll do this process FREE of charge, and ship back the next week day. Please make scheduling arrangements first so I don’t receive over a hundred horns in one or two days … 🙂

Thanks To Everyone,

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