New Mouthpiece: Flip Oakes Model C- ‘O’

**New** Flip Oakes Model C- ‘O’ Bb C Cup with the ‘O’ Backbore, and #27 Throat! It, has a fuller richer sound. This is a very versatile mpc. much like the ‘O’ series mpc., only with a deeper C cup. … Continue reading

Wild Thing™ Copper Bell Bb Trumpet

We’re proud to introduce the Copper bell Wild Thing™ Trumpets. The copper bells give the horns a warmer, and more “Ah” sound really more like “Awe“… Whereas a brass bell, has more of a “eh“, or “e” sound . The … Continue reading

Flip Oakes Adds Copper Bell Wild Thing™ Cornets & Flugelhorns

Flip adds Copper Bell versions of his Wild Thing™ Horns.

Arturo Sandoval Live – “Rythm of Our World”

Arturo Sandoval’s CD “A Time for Love”

Arturo Sandoval recording “A Time for Love” Check out Arturo Sandoval’s Discography…

Gold finish & Wild Thing mouth pieces

Flip Oakes Wild Thing Trumpet now available in GOLD! Flip Oakes NEW “Wild Thing Mouthpieces” In Stock! A Wild Thing Mouthpiece? After receiving many inquires as to what mouthpiece plays well with your Wild Thing Trumpets and Cornets ? Is … Continue reading

Flip Oakes Celebration Bb Trumpet

By SueAnn Kern To commemorate his 57th birthday Flip Oakes is delighted to announce his newest Bb Trumpet design “CELEBRATION” on September 30, 2006. Flip is elated to give today’s demanding trumpet player another revolutionary trumpet. ‘COME CELEBRATE THE DIFFERENCE” … Continue reading

Now accepting trade-ins on a limited basis

Hello Everyone !! I have decided to start on a limited basis accepting Trade-IN’s on sales of Flip Oakes Wild Thing Trumpets, Cornets, Flugelhorns, and Flip Oakes ‘C’ Trumpets. Many have asked, so I’ve decided to go ahead and do … Continue reading

Announcing the new Flip Oakes Wild Thing FLUGELHORN!

The Flip Oakes Wild Thing Flugelhorn offers the ultimate in full, rich, open, dark, smokey sound, suited well, for the jazz soloist, whether playing in a night club, out doors jazz festival, concert hall, or church. The blow is open … Continue reading

All That Jazz Magazine Article

Flip’ping over latest West Coast CD Offering by Bob Schnettler As I opened my front door, all I could see was a hand holding a CD directly before my eyes. “Does Bob Schnettler live here?,” the feminine voice asked. I … Continue reading