Ultrasonic Cleaning

Flip Oakes offers the finest state of the art cleaning system ever provided. Using a custom designed ultrasonic cleaning machine made specifically for cleaning musical instruments. A special cleaning solution has been chosen to give the most complete interior cleaning ever done on a musical instrument, without the use of any acids, or toxic chemicals.

The Ultrasonic Cleaning System uses sound waves instead of harsh chemicals to clean your instrument thoroughly. A series of transducers mounted in the bottom of the tank introduce sound waves into the cleaning liquid, and these sound waves produce thousands of alternating high and low pressure waves per second which pass through the water based cleaning solution, millions of microscopic bubbles form which produce a scrubbing action.

This method has also proven to be a more effective degreaser than mechanical or chemical means combined. Cleaning instruments with Ultrasonic has the advantage of removing tightly bonded contaminants from all surfaces even in the smallest of space. This method will clean areas unreachable by brushes or other mechanical means.

At the time of cleaning will replace all corks, and felts.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Pricing:

  • Lacquered, or Raw Brass Instruments NO POLISH @ $80.00
  • Silverplated Instruments No POLISH @ $80.00
  • Silverplated Instruments POLISH Included @ $145.00

All Shipping, and Insurance Charges are in addition to charges above. Method of Shipping is UPS Ground.

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NOTE: Ultrasonic Cleaning, Digital Valve Alignment and Total Enhancement are automatically performed on all Flip Oakes Wild Thing Instruments at no additional charge. We’re now these services are available to all Non Wild Thing owners for your own instruments.