Digital Valve Alignments

A Digital Valve Alignment can be one of the differences between a so so instrument and a great one. Faulty misaligned valves can slow an instruments response, and cause unevenness of timbre and create variables for each of the valve combinations. A Digital Valve Alignment corrects the alignment of the valve on both the upstroke and the down stroke, to within +/- .001″ of our digital caliper measurements.

Valve alignments are dependent of many factors, including the construction of the valve assembly and the materials used in aligning the valves. At this present moment we can use either Buna ‘N’ 40 Shore Rubber, or the highest quality replacement felts, the choice is yours. While the tolerance of felt will change in time, the Buna ‘N’ 40 Shore Rubber, will hold and maintain it’s tolerance to the alignment for a longer period of time, however it may be somewhat noisier to the performer.

Each valve assembly consists of the finger button, top cap, valve stem, spring barrel, valve guide, and the valve or piston itself. A true alignment depends in part on the accuracy of the manufacturing of all these components. When any one of these parts is not made to the exact dimensions required, both the up and down positions will be misaligned. Additionally, the radial, or rotational, side-to-side) alignment may be off, affecting the alignment.

A Digital Valve Alignment is the accurate method for aligning valves. Precision, tools and gauges made specifically for this procedure, precise measurements are made of each valve and valve casing port, from which the up-and down-stroke. The valve is then reset to the newly calculated position. A fiber optic bore scope is also used to view valve port alignments, to visually ensure the accuracy. The radial, or rotational, side-to-side) alignment is also examined and corrected as needed, if possible.

The end result of a Digital Valve Alignment is that, a musician can expect to experience faster response from the instrument, greater evenness of timbre and resistance throughout the range of the instrument, with greater efficiency of sound production. The player can produce a full sound with much less effort, with better intonation, and while technique can be improved because of the quickened response from note to note, which will enhance the players overall performance in creating their music.

Price can vary depending on amount of work needed to align each set of valves, depending on different valve clusters. An additional charged is required to correct radial (side-to-side) alignment. Also required is that your valves are to be in good working condition, and not in need of valve work, or rebuilding. We will also provide an Ultrasonic Cleaning for you at no additional cost.

Digital Valve Alignment Pricing:

  • Standard Top Sprung 3 Valve Digital Valve Alignment @ $150.00
  • Standard Top Sprung 4 Valve Piccolo Trumpets and Flugelhorn’s @ $190.00

All Shipping, and Insurance Charges are in addition to charges above. Method of Shipping is UPS Ground.

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NOTE: Ultrasonic Cleaning, Digital Valve Alignment and Total Enhancement are automatically performed on all Flip Oakes Wild Thing Instruments at no additional charge. Flip is now offering these services are available to all Non Wild Thing owners for your own instruments.