Tommy Loy

Plano, TX (Dallas suburb)

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“I have owned literally dozens of instruments throughout my playing career. Some good, some OK, some not so OK. I’m on a honeymoon with my new Flip Oakes Wild Thing CORNET… a vastly superior horn in every way from a master designer.

I met Flip in Oregon at a festival in 1989. I love his playing so I was sure his horns would reflect that same level of skill.

“Flip…. Thanks, this cornet is the best I have ever stood behind.” All heads turn when it speaks. It has an almost ethereal quality and a center as big as all outdoors. The guys in my band (The Upper Dallas Jazz Band) noticed the change in sound right away and they are as in love with this new sound as I am.

Some of my Dallas compadres want to take a look and have a play at it. I’ll recommend it without reservation! The WILD THING is the best cornet I’ve ever played!”.

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