Tom Turner – WT &Celebration

Dublin, Georgia

Tom Turner’s second Wild Thing instrument testimonial, on the “short model” cornet:

This is my second gold-plated Wild Thing instrument, and follows closely its trumpet “brother” I got last year (in 2001). With the trumpet consistently proving superior over all other trumpets I’ve played in my 41 years of playing . . . and continuing to “grow” on me with each passing day, I truly expected the other WT instruments would also be great. I was not disappointed! Like the trumpet, it raises my level of performance where it really counts . . . on the stage and on the bandstand with awesome tone and precise “blow!”

Flip sent me both model cornets and the new flugelhorn to take to an annual meeting of cornet collectors from around the planet. All were impressed with these awesome instruments . . . and I simply couldn’t bear to return that gold-plated short model cornet. I truly was NOT in the market for another horn but this horn was so superior to every cornet I^’ve played and/or owned (including my awesome 1911 Boston 3-Star) that I couldn’t pass it up.

As I write this testimonial the sounds of the short model cornet are playing on my hi-fi. I’ve NEVER heard such a rich, mellow, warm sound from a cornet before like this! I’ve never had a horn make me sound this good! The tone is truly stunning to experience both on a recording and live . . . and from both the listener AND player’s sides of the horn!!! Reaction to this horn on a recent combo job was very vocal too from crowd and my band alike! What a winner!!!

Like the trumpet, the short model slots every note perfectly, from the petals to Triple C with each note ascending sitting on an exact sized “step.” It is still stunning to pick up a Wild Thing instrument and feel this wonderful phenomenon of having each note “feel” exactly the same throughout the registers, blow-wise. It makes performing on a WT so secure!

The intonation on the short model is so WONDERFUL too, and the supremely easy “blow” and super-fast response (always Wild Thing attributes) make Wild Thing instruments my favorites by a huge margin. Flip’s horns ARE superior to other designs and the enhancements Flip personally makes to each and every one of his instruments optimizes the way they play.

Warmest regards to you, Flip!

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