Peter Uppman

I am very proud to be the FIRST owner if Flip Oakes “Wild Thing” here in Australia to have taken the plunge in buying a Wild Thing Trumpet. As a constantly employed professional musician for the past 16 or so years, I was intrigued by the endorsements that the Wild Thing was getting and wanted to find out more. Flip couldn’t have been more helpful or understanding in regards to the tirade of questions I had for him and as a Pro player himself, he understood where I was coming from.

It’s taken me several months of owning this horn to now honestly write the following:” Of the dozens of horns I have owned or tried in my career as a professional performer, the Wild Thing is by far, the best horn I have ever played!” I’m not one to be sucked into advertising gimmicks, nor would I buy something just ’cause someone else says you should or because someone famous is using it; this was a purchase made on ‘gut’ feeling, a feeling that Flip was telling me the truth about his horn.

No product or trumpet ill satisfy everyone, but the Wild Thing in my honest opinion, is far more superior in every area of trumpet performance. It is capable of producing the most luscious warm lyrical sound at whisper-quiet levels, to being a most dynamically powerful lead horn. Any trumpet can do this at some level, but the Wild Thing takes it to the extreme, to create the most wonderfully exciting and inspiring musical experience a performer can have. In my personal experience, the Wild Thing doesn’t give you instant range that you didn’t already have, but it WILL make that range much more easier to achieve and maintain so hence, helps assist you strive for obtaining a higher ceiling.

Nothing I could say here is going to make someone rush out and order a Wild Thing, but I will suggest to those serious about their horn playing, that you’d be doing yourselves a tremendous disservice if you at least didn’t give it a fair trial. You WILL immediately notice the difference!!!!

Peter Uppman
Melbourne. Australia

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