Wild Thing Trumpets Video

Gene Zika Cartoon Gallery

Here is a gallery of some of my favorite Zika cartoons. Click on any image to see the whole cartoon. Enjoy!

Jeff Krasofski

Flip- The Wild Thing trumpet really does slot the high notes better than any horn that I compared it with! It also has a really big, full sound in the middle register for orchestral playing! The Wild Thing can do … Continue reading

Rainer Müller-Rensing

Dear Flip, My Wild Thing trumpet has arrived today. I immediately felt familiar with this trumpet. The wild thing is the right thing for me. With my Monette B2 mouthpiece it has a big, brilliant, full gorgeous sound. In the … Continue reading

Barbara Ling

Hi Flip, “I’m a comeback player who picked up the trumpet again after 20 years. Although I had a Bach 37, I chose to trade that in so my children could get quality student instruments on which to play. Thus … Continue reading

Robert “Robbie” Robinson

Flip, I just wanted to say thanks for making a great horn. I’ve been playing my horn now about 4 or 5 months (I think). I had been looking for a while for a new trumpet. I played on a … Continue reading

Michelle Latimer

Anyone wanting to see an example of a true Artisan who is also a consummate customer service representative need look no further than Flip Oakes. Years ago, a friend sent me a link to Flip’s URL since he knew I … Continue reading

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