Mikel Bartol

#1 Flip, Here’s my story and I’m sticking to it! I retired as a professional trumpet player in 1984 and began playing again in May of 1998, 14 years later. I currently play with a jazz band sponsored by Hewlett-Packard … Continue reading

Bob Leatherwood

Hi Flip; Just wanted to let you know that the more I play my new WT the more I love it!!! I’m doing a program this evening – big band with symphony backup and really enjoying playing. Thanks for designing … Continue reading

Ray Lawrence – Celebration

I am really proud to be playing this instrument. People ask me well what kind is it? They are expecting a brand name and I say Flip Oakes and give them the info. Last weekend I was playing a rehearsal … Continue reading

Eric Moss

Hi all, There are so many things to say in tribute to Flip’s horns and service that a short, cohesive summary is hardly possible. So, I’ll just start talking… A year ago I started playing trumpet after a 15 year … Continue reading

Peter Kartu

I am a composer, trumpet player, repair and salesman in a Sydney brass shop. I loved the horn so much that I became the Australian agent (in conjunction with the Sydney shop “Sax and Woodwind”). I hold a degree in … Continue reading

Paul Christian Hess

Thought I’d take a moment and share my experience with my new Wild Thing Bb trumpet. I just took delivery of one of the finest sounding trumpets I have ever played. My previous Bb equipment list included: Bach 37, Benge … Continue reading

Mike Wittkopp

This is day 3 with the silver WT. Plainly stated: It is Awesome! I just can not quit playing it. At our big band rehearsal last night, my range, power, intonation, and endurance were much improved. As an example, we … Continue reading

Al Davis

Hi Folks, I too am on the comeback trail. I’ve essentially not played for four years being busy on my day gig. I teach full-time now and it was too busy to keep it up. I was recently diagnosed with … Continue reading

Walter Sharshon

I recently purchased a Wild Thing trumpet in C. I’d like to share my experiences with others who may be considering such a purchase. First, let me say that after about 3 weeks of playing the WT, I’m still finding … Continue reading

Roland Chirico

When I first read all the hoopla about the Wild Thing on the trumpet network (TPIN), I presumed that it was a joke, a trumpet pipe dream. How could any trumpet be that good? How could any trumpet be named … Continue reading