Audio of Clint “Pops” McLaughlin on Wild Thing Trumpets

Listen to Pops’s comments on the Flip’s Wild Thing™ Horns…

Wild Thing Trumpets Video

Wild Thing Ad – Jazz Improv

Flip Oakes Wild Thing™ Trumpet Ad “Come and Hear the Difference” Click here to see ad. PDF (Note: This is a very large file.)

Gene Zika Cartoon Gallery

Here is a gallery of some of my favorite Zika cartoons. Click on any image to see the whole cartoon. Enjoy!

Don Herman, Jr.

I’ve had my Wild Thing trumpet a month, and it just gets better. I played my Bach Strad to see how it compares; it doesn’t. The WT is more open, with way more projection and much cleaner sound. I played … Continue reading

Tom Taylor

Flip, I may have a little different perspective on the Wild Thing trumpet. I am, primarily, a 55yr old lawyer. I practice daily and play with several community bands, a community orchestra that supports a choral group, several amateur theatre … Continue reading

Robert “Chaz” Wroblewski

Hi Flip, I have owed you this e-mail since March 2002. First of all, it was a pleasure e-mailing, speaking and doing business with you. You responded promptly and thoroughly to a long list of questions and concerns I had … Continue reading

Forrest Helmick

Dear Flip: Forbidden Fruit at 8,000 Feet I am a music educator, and founder of the Blue Street Jazz Band. My first time playing the Wild Thing was when Flip first started to market them. We were both performing at … Continue reading

Matthew C. Glenn

Hi Flip, I’m a band director grades 5-12 , and I am presently finishing my Master’s in Music Ed at Penn State, and I just wanted to let you know that the cornet I purchased from you a couple of … Continue reading

Bruce Bock

I got my Wild Thing and took it to a practice without having played it first. From the first note it responded exactly like I imagined. I didn’t have any trouble with it not sounding like a trumpet. The tone … Continue reading