Jamie Tobitt

Big Time Operator Swing Band
San Diego, California

I’m the proud owner of a Wild Thing (#36). I did not take this purchase lightly. I had only heard about the Wild Thing by word of mouth. I did a lot of asking and researching before deciding to buy it. Then I played it hard during the trial period, giving it a thorough test drive. I asked Flip a lot of hard questions and he always gave me a detailed and honest answer. So here’s my conclusion:

The Wild Thing plays and sounds better than any horn I’ve played (my opinion and that of my fellow band members). I may not be the best trumpet player around (yet), but I’m serious about my playing, and why wouldn’t I want a horn that plays and sounds like I’d want my ideal horn to be? If you are thinking about buying a Wild Thing, feel free to e-mail me and ask away…

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