Barbara Ling

Hi Flip,

“I’m a comeback player who picked up the trumpet again after 20 years. Although I had a Bach 37, I chose to trade that in so my children could get quality student instruments on which to play. Thus I began playing again on a Conn Constellation.

While trying out different instruments, I realized that different brands of trumpets were simply easier to play. 20 years ago, it never would have occurred to me that factors such as maker, embouchure, etc. would have such a telling difference in my performance (I told you I was quite the comeback!). So I researched around, and was sold on the remarkable claims that WT owners were declaring about how their horns were truly unique.

Let me tell you, the claims are justified and more! Immediately I could notice the difference of sound / projection / feel/etc. when playing it. And we’re not talking complicated pieces here – we’re talking holiday music, movie scores etc. I just played and played and played and the WT trumpet just opened and opened and opened up. Wow. It’s truly a magnificent trumpet and one that I’m glad to now own.

Barbara Ling
The Internet Virtual Coach

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