David Lyle Strong

Clio, Michigan

I take my horn playing seriously like most of you. I wanted to find the best horn made. I’ve owned several very good trumpets but after 50 years I decided I wanted the best one ever made. Cost was no object and I would have paid $15,000 for my ‘holy grail’ trumpet.

I spent the better part of a year trying to figure out which is the best. I came upon Flip Oakes name and his “Wild Thing” trumpets during my quest, so I started digging deeper to learn more about them. I read every testimonial and all the talk about ‘Wild Thing’ on numerous blog sites. I looked at just ‘who’ was passing judgement and that was a key factor when I called Flip Oakes for the first time.

Flip Oakes is the best businessman I have ever talked with, dealt with, and know. He took much time with me that he didn’t have to. We talked about his trumpets and Flip seemed very honest as he thoughtfully answered all my questions. While building my horn Flip kept me posted. I got the horn much sooner than I expected – less than a month to get to me in Michigan from California. I was very impressed. Flip then called to get my opinion of his trumpet.

My Wild Thing trumpet is the best horn I have ever held, much less played. I was astounded immediately by its incredible rich tone and the ease at which I could play up in the higher register. I held my horn out and literally thought, “Where have you been all my life?!”

So impressed was I with my Wild Thing trumpet, I decided to get a Wild Thing Flugelhorn. I love it. It has the dark ‘sexy’ sound I was looking for and it looks and plays like a dream!! Call me a happy man. If you are looking for a great horn, I most seriously doubt you’ll ever top Flip’s instruments. If you would like to talk with me, I can be reached at Strongtunes@aol.com or call 810-686-8092. Leave me a message if need be and I’ll return your call.

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