Al Davis

Hi Folks,

I too am on the comeback trail. I’ve essentially not played for four years being busy on my day gig. I teach full-time now and it was too busy to keep it up.

I was recently diagnosed with asthma and the doc thought bringing back the trumpet would be good for my lungs.

The real help to my progress came in a very strange way. My wife and I live in the LA area. Last week we went on vacation to San Diego. I was thinking of getting an easier playing horn to help my progress and began searching online for the newest and best stuff to give me a little hand. I’ve played a few Monettes that I thought were quite good but way out of my price range.

Then I found a small trumpet designer who lives in Oceanside near San Diego. You may have heard of him, Flip Oakes and the Wild Thing trumpet. I thought, what a wild name for a trumpet. Flip’s website featured some very compelling testimonials even from some players who I know. I called Flip and we took a couple of hours to go and try out his horn. I already knew they were very large bore horns and that’s what I was trying to get away from.

Low and behold, I played three notes on a silver WT. It is the most centered, easiest blowing horn I’ve ever encountered. I tried both the gold and then the lacquer. My wife who is a professional flutist was blown away. I’ve only been on the comeback for about two and half weeks and she said that I’m producing the best sound that is consistent throughout the registers than she’s ever heard from me. I bought the lacquer WT on the spot. This guy is a genius.

Anyway, a great horn will make your comeback much easier. It’s certainly helping mine. Flip’s WT is easily the best horn I’ve ever played. What a sound and what an easy blow. I just noticed his ad on this site. His website is Check him out. His horns aren’t cheap, but they’re not outrageous either.

Al Davis

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