Q. What size mouthpiece do you recommend for the best sound on the “Wild Thing”?

A. Most mouthpieces. will work just fine. However after being asked that numerous times, I called Mark Curry, A top call studio, and show trumpet player, who is also a first rate mouthpiece designer, maker and manufacture in Reno NV.

After talking to Mark for sometime, I decided the best way for him to use his expertise was to ship him a Wild Thing Trumpet to play, and experience first hand, and then ask him, what were his suggestions as to designing a “Standard Type Mouthpiece” for most common playing situations? A all around mouthpiece that has a rich full bodied sound, that also would enhance the upper register.

Mark has played the Bb Wild Thing Trumpet for some time now, in all different types of musical situations including shows, and recording dates etc.

He has now designed perfect mouthpiece for these horns! They’re GREAT!. They produce a wonderful sound and ease of playing through suburb design and craftsmanship. That’s quality manufacturing !

He chose a different blank to start with from his own Curry Mouthpieces, and say’s “These will really light up faster with the Wild Thing Trumpet!”

These mouthpieces are manufactured by Mark Curry expressively for Flip Oakes, and sold only through “Flip Oakes Wild Thing Trumpets”. They sell for $75.00 each. Old Style Cornet mouthpieces $85.00 Silverplate.

The Trumpet Mouthpiece is a medium deep cup. Cornet mouthpiece is a true deep “V” cup for a “Real Traditional Cornet Sound”. The Flugelhorn mouthpiece is also a very deep, and dark sounding. The Flugelhorn Mouthpiece will also be offered in both “Tapered, and French (straight) Shanks.

These are now available in the following sizes….. 1, 1.25, 1.5, 3, 5, 7, 10.5… Click here to find out more.

There is a Flip Oakes Personal Model as well. All rims and sizes are based on Mt. Vernon Models.

Mark Curry is also a proud owner of his very own Wild Thing Trumpet! His Full Endorsement is posted on my testimonials page See: Testimonials

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