Express Yourself !!

My perspective on the Wild Thing Design

One of the most rewarding things about playing the trumpet is to be able to express yourself, through the use of Dynamics ! The Flip Oakes Wild Thing Trumpet, Cornet, and Flip Oakes “C” Trumpet allows you to have the ability do this more than any other Trumpets or Cornets out there!!

Why? Because of their unique designs!

They allow the player to play with ease at greater volume extremes, from ppp to ffff. The center of the pitch is also open, very clear and even throughout the entire range, unlike any other trumpets. Each note sounds just like the one a half step away.

The tone and resistance are the same from low F#, to as high as you can play. Try that on your current instrument! This trumpet also really opens up in the upper register where others close down.

These instruments slot like no others, and yet, the flexibility of this trumpet is such that it allows the player to bend notes very easily and still get a full rich sound.

The “Low Resistance Factor” makes these instruments the most efficient ever made! They “Speak, very very Fast”. What I mean by that is on attack the response is much faster, crisper, cleaner, and the clarity of the tone is much richer. The Sound is Bigger, and more open which allows YOU the musician, to play musical passages with less effort and greater confidence.

You’ll soon see how you’re able to play musical lines you have never been able to play before, in other words, “Expressing Yourself” in a whole different, and up lifting dimension than ever before!

At last I want to say “Thank You” to my many customers that have sent letters and E-mail, commenting on these very characteristics and thanking me for my very different and unique trumpets, and cornet designs.

Flip Oakes

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