“Wild Thing” trumpet made it into the Wall Street Journal

Hi Flip, Your “Wild Thing” trumpet made it into the Wall Street Journal! Nat Hentoff reviewed my latest album, “Night Owl” on Arbors Records and they printed the cover photo with me playing my “Wild Thing” trumpet. Thanks, for a … Continue reading

Now offering Sheet Music

Need Sheet Music? Want to buy sheet music, songbooks or guitar tabs? Choose from over a quarter million titles to choose from, and you can order online. Try Sheet Music Plus. Visit http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

Announcing Cornet Mouthpieces

Hello Everyone, I have wonderful Cornet Mouthpieces, that are true deep “V” cups with #18 bores. Available in different sizes, and now *two* different blanks as well. 1) Bach, or traditional looking type blank. 2) Old Style Blank, the turn … Continue reading

What about the tuning slides you ask?

Please make a note that this only applies to the Bb Wild Thing Trumpet….. NOW! there are 8 tuning slides! The Eight different tuning slides available for Bb Wild Thing Trumpet really makes it 8 different trumpets all in one … Continue reading

The All New ‘J’ Tuning Slides For The Jazz Player and For All Wild Thing Owners !!

They’re available in all the 4 different sizes just as the standard tuning slides are. How do they differ? They look like all the other standard Flip Oakes Wild Thing Bb Trumpet Slides, but they don’t have the brace from … Continue reading

Another Wild Thing Enhancement modification!

Wild Thing Trumpet and Cornet Customers purchased prior to April 22, 1999 should consider this modification. READ ON…. I’ve had some special tools made, that just arrived late last week. They fit up inside in certain areas and remove any … Continue reading