Valve Caps, Valve Stems and Finger Buttons

Complete kit that includes top and bottom caps, valve stems, and finger buttons, available in 3 different sized weights, or just the bottom caps that are also available in 3 different weights. Available in all three weights or sizes, in either lacquer, or silver-plate only.


Heavier top caps, med. sized bottom caps, and matching valve stems, and top caps shown.

  • One set of 3 bottom caps, includes set of 3 O-rings.
    Price: Lacquer… $105
    Silverplate… $120
  • The complete kit, top and bottom caps, valve stems, and finger buttons, includes set of 3 O-rings.
    Price: Lacquer… $230
    Silverplated… $250

Weighted Valve Caps and Stems
We are proud to offer a full series of Weighted Valve Caps and Stems for our Wild Thing and Celebration Bb trumpets. This accessory system includes three different weights of bottom caps plus weighted top caps and stems. Additionally, each set of bottom caps comes with O-rings that further alter the effects of the caps. All of our usual finishes will be available, with gold as a special order at market price as usual.

Why weighted caps?
We want to increase the already substantial adjustability of our trumpets. By adding weight to the valve section, a player can fine tune the response, projection and timbre of either Flip Oakes Bb trumpet to fit most any taste or situation. These caps, along with our 8 tuning slide options make the Wild Thing and Celebration two of the most versatile and adaptable trumpets on the market.

What exactly do they do?
Our development team has researched the effects of each configuration on both the Wild Thing and Celebration. Below are general descriptions of these effects for each size of bottom cap installed on each model. Keep in mind that no one can accurately predict how your horn will respond.

Lightweight caps
Wild Thing – narrower projection pattern; delicate high frequency harmonics added. O-rings increase responsiveness to near-stock
Celebration – narrower projection; O-rings give a nice delicate timbre.

Middleweight caps
Wild Thing – broad projection; holds the sound together especially in the upper register. O-rings produce a tighter “core” to the sound with more mid-high frequencies coming through.
Celebration – broad projection; lighter, chamber music sound; “37” like. O-rings give a smoother sound to the timbre.

Heavyweight caps
Wild Thing – narrowest projection pattern; emphasizes low frequencies; solid core in the upper and lower range extremes; definite slotting. O-rings restore some agility.
Celebration – narrowest projection pattern; strong high frequencies. O-rings give this horn a more open sound with richer highs.

Adding weight generally reduces the free-feeling response of our horns, but gives a corresponding feeling of security. In simple terms, as more weight is added, the horn will gain a stronger core to the sound with stronger slotting, but less agility.

We suggest that formal styles of music benefit most from the heavier weighted caps with their stronger slotting and dense, restrained sound, while jazz or pop styles of music often ask for the free sound and good travel of the lighter weight or stock caps.

Arturo Sandoval uses the complete heavy kit with his #2 slide and the Flip Oakes TCC Trumpet Mouthpiece. Hear Arturo on YouTube during a recording session for his soon to be released CD