Flip Oakes

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website! Whether this is your first introduction to my Wild Thing horns, or you are returning for another look, feel free to take some time to soak in all the information about me, my friends and, of course, my line of brass instruments.

All my life, I’ve had a Passion for music and, from my earliest days, I’ve loved playing trumpet. After decades of searching for horn designs that allow me to express my passion to the fullest, the Wild Thing line of brass instruments was born. They are the culmination of years of playing, repairing, and modifying every brand of instrument I could get my hands on.

As I developed as a trumpet player, I realized that I wanted Something Different than what was available to buy off the shelf. I wanted my sound to reach every listener in a room easily and without amplification. I wanted to be able to play accurately, yet sensitively all day long. My horns are efficient, easy to play and won’t wear you out.

Flip Oakes Wild Thing Trumpet on Fire

My Wild Thing horns are among the most Responsive instruments ever made. Unique design and meticulous assembly ensure that each model of trumpet, cornet or flugelhorn will convey every emotion and delicate nuance you feel. No matter the style, my horns will let your music come through with confidence and personality.

For much of my professional career, I’ve booked multiple gigs a day. I needed a horn that gave me More Endurance than a conventional trumpet, so I could play through those long hours. Over the years, I’ve experimented with various modifications and found ways to make the trumpet less restrictive. You’ll experience this difference in every Wild Thing horn.

Musicians have to be able to adapt to a broad range of styles and situations. My designs give unparalleled Versatility and, with my line of accessories, great adaptability. A change of mouthpiece or an alternate tuning slide transforms these instruments to suit the demands of each venue without compromising their natural playability. My system of after-market weighted valve caps and stems can fine-tune either the Wild Thing or Celebration Bb trumpets even further.

Wild Thing Trumpets, Cornets and Flugelhorns make a player Sound Better. They are different from traditional designs. If there is more to your music than you are able to express with your current equipment and you’re looking to find something beyond the conventional brass instrument, I invite you to “Come and hear the difference!”

~ Flip Oakes

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